Know Your Rights!
Pregnant and Parenting Students Are Protected Under the Law


As a pregnant or parenting student, you have legal rights  granted by the State and Federal governments, and by the School District. Click the links below to learn more, and if you need help understanding what this means for you, call or text Noel Estacio at (916)752-3230. 

Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting  Students Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; US Department of Education; Office for Civil Rights  (2018) 

麻豆原创 Board Policy 

The Governing Board recognizes that responsibilities related  to marriage, pregnancy, or parenting and related  responsibilities may disrupt a student鈥檚 education and  increase the chance of a student dropping out of school. The  Board therefore desires to support married, pregnant, and  parenting students to continue their education, attain  strong academic and parenting skills, and promote the  healthy development of their children. The district shall not  discriminate against, exclude, or deny any student from any  educational program or activity, including any class or  extracurricular activity, solely on the basis of the student鈥檚  pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of  pregnancy, or related recovery. (6/2021 BP 5146) 

  • Dropout Prevention 
  • Chronic Absence & Truancy 
  • Academic Standards  
  • Student Success Teams  
  • Child Care and Development Services Act 
  • Parental leave 
  • Excused absences  
  • Temporary disability, definition 
  • Compulsory education requirement 
  • Parental notifications 
  • Nutrition supplements  

Review the Handbook for Pregnant & Parenting Students to learn about the rights and supports you are entitled to as a pregnant and/or parenting student.